The Story Behind Our Name: Why We’re Called “Our Leg Up”

Fri, 14 Jun 2024
8 minutes read
The Story Behind Our Name: Why We’re Called “Our Leg Up”


Have you ever wondered why we’re called “Our Leg Up”? It’s not just a catchy name—it’s a reflection of our mission to provide support and elevate individuals in their journey towards financial independence. Let’s clear up some common misconceptions and explore the meaning and inspiration behind Our Leg Up.

The Origin of “Our Leg Up”

The concept of giving someone “a leg up” means to assist them in making progress, especially in their career or personal development. At Our Leg Up, we extend this concept to financial empowerment, offering innovative solutions that help homeowners maximise the utility of their biggest asset—their home—without the burdens of traditional debt. Our borrower product enables individuals to access competitive home loans by unlocking the equity in their homes, significantly lowering deposit requirements and enhancing financial flexibility without the burden of traditional debt. Complementing this, our net-zero product provides homeowners with financial incentives to upgrade their properties with energy-efficient technologies. By covering the costs associated with reducing residential emissions, we not only give a leg up to individual financial security but also contribute to broader environmental sustainability.

Common Mishearings and Misinterpretations

It’s easy to see why names get tangled:

  • One Leg Up: Suggests individual effort, but we’re about communal support. And also by using a community, we help diversify the risk.
  • A Leg Up: Close, but lacks the inclusivity we embody.
  • Leg Up: The root idea, yet it misses the collective aspect of our services.
  • OLU: Our acronym, though it may not immediately convey our full mission.

Each of these variations captures a part of what we do, but none encompasses the full scope like “Our Leg Up.”

Why “Our” Makes the Difference

The word “Our” in Our Leg Up emphasises community and collective action. We believe in the power of community support to help individuals achieve their dreams. This is not about individual achievement; it’s about lifting each other up through shared opportunities and resources.

What We Offer

At Our Leg Up, we specialise in helping homeowners unlock the equity in their homes through offering a unique investment opportunity where you can join others in funding a pool of secured guarantees. These guarantees are backed by property equity, making them safer. We manage this collective investment carefully, diversifying the types of guarantees and properties involved to spread out and lower the risk for everyone. This approach allows investors to see steady returns while minimising potential losses, allowing them to generate recurring income without monthly repayments or interest accruals. This model doesn’t just benefit the homeowner but also contributes to a broader economic ecosystem by providing investment opportunities for those looking to get into their first property, or invest in net-zero homeownership.

What is an Equity Unlock Product. And how we Differ from Other Equity Unlock Products

An equity unlock product allows homeowners to access the value locked in their property without the need to sell or take on traditional debt, such as a mortgage. Typically, these products are appealing to individuals who are rich in assets but cash-poor, providing them with financial flexibility to meet their current needs or invest in new opportunities.

At Our Leg Up, our approach to unlocking equity stands distinct from traditional models. Unlike conventional equity release products that might offer a lump sum or regular income stream with compounding interest, Our Leg Up creates an innovative investment opportunity for homeowners. We enable homeowners to earn a return on the equity in their home that would otherwise remain inaccessible and non-yielding. By investing this equity into a communal fund, homeowners can receive periodic returns based on the performance of this investment. This model not only provides immediate financial benefits without additional debt or risk but also contributes to a broader economic ecosystem by allowing investment in community-supported projects. Thus, Our Leg Up doesn’t just unlock the equity in your home; it transforms it into a dynamic source of income that works for you in ways other equity products do not.

How You Can Get Involved

Whether you’re looking to tap into your home’s equity for additional income or you’re an investor seeking opportunities in real estate, Our Leg Up has a platform designed to facilitate your goals. Visit our website, explore our services, and see how you can get the financial leg up you’ve been looking for.


Now that you know the story behind our name, we hope it resonates more deeply when you hear “Our Leg Up.” We are here to support you, offering a collective leg up to financial stability and success. Remember, when you search for us, make sure it’s “Our Leg Up”—where community and opportunity meet.

Ready to learn more about how Our Leg Up can assist you? Visit our website at for more information on how we can help you utilise your inaccessible real estate equity with confidence.