More Value.

Less Risk.

Lower Costs.

Enabling Aussies to help each other build financial wellbeing

Enabling Aussies to help each other build financial wellbeing

Our Leg Up (OLU) unlocks residential real estate equity to enable partner banks to offer market leading home loans, with reduced risk, improved margin and social benefit.

We bring Australians together to help build each other’s financial security. We do this by:

  • Australians hold the majority of their wealth (54%) in real estate equity1, larger than the ASX2 and value of Australian super3.
  • OLU unlocks this as a force for good, enabling more competitive loans for consumers, while reducing risk and cost.
  • For property owners unlocking their real estate equity (Investors), they earn a return without any cash outlay.

Capture material share of first home buyer market by becoming a hero to aspiring homeowners

Champion Homeownership

Champion Homeownership

Not owning a home is the #1 driver of wealth inequality in Australia1. Remove the biggest hurdle, by decreasing customer home loan deposit requirements to 5%, while still achieving 80% LVR with OLU.

Pricing Advantage

Pricing Advantage

Consumers borrow at a lower LVR, in turn benefiting from a reduced interest rate (30 bps to 100 less), saving up to $10,000's via lower ‘fee’ and interest repayments vs LMI.

Lower Capital Costs

Lower Capital Costs

Lowering LVR for these loans lifts bank margins, by reducing risk weighted assets and cost of capital for securitisation / bonds.

Leverage new market leading offer to achieve home loan growth by converting First Time Buyers2

Consumer and Bank Benefits

Consumer Benefits: Access more capital, at a cheaper rate and with less fees

  • Most Bank's interest rate can be 30 to +100bps cheaper than >80% LVR rate4.
  • Lower assessment rate preserves borrowing capacity by 5% - 20%5.
  • Customers save $10,000's compared to LMI.

Bank Benefits: Lend more capital, at a market leading rate, with better margin

  • Prevalent rate becomes highly competitive in <10%, and <20% deposit segments4.
  • OLU's additional collateral lowers risk profile, and lifts profitability of these loans.
  • May qualify as ‘social’ status for inclusion in sustainability bonds / securitisation.

How does this solution work?

At a high level, we've turned guarantor home loans into a diversified investment product, with robust return, risk management, built-in liquidity, and social benefit.

  • Investor / Property Owner: Offers equity from their property through a standard guarantee and mortgage arrangement to OLU.
  • OLU: Aggregate and novate guarantee / mortgage commitments to partner banks to better secure third- party borrowers’ residential home loans.
  • Partner Bank: Reduce pricing of >80% LVR home loans, lower risk, and improve profitability with unlocked equity. OLU decreases RWA up to 2X more than alternatives, removes risk of ‘denied payout’, and is better priced.
How we solve problem

Pioneer product innovation that supports everyday Australians in a challenging economy.

Purchase Scenario Ex.

  • $600k Property Price
  • ($30k) 5% Deposit
  • $570k Loan (+ fees)
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Current home buyer options

Save >$10,000 with OLU

Genworth / QBE

Australian Mum and Dad
Our Leg Up
Additional Fees$24k6 additional fee chargedNo fee, restrictive, capped (Family guarantee option limited to 7% of market3)Fee $000's cheaper than LMI
Interest Rate0.3% - 1.0%2 premium over the prevalent (<80% LVR) interest ratePrevalent interest ratePrevalent interest rate
Repayment TermsPrincipal & Interest until 80% LVRPrincipal & Interest until 80% LVRPrincipal & Interest until 80% LVR
Total LVR>95% LVR80% LVR achieved with equity pledged from parent's property80% LVR achieved with equity pledged from diversified investor base

How easy is it for a bank to get started and see results?

OLU's product does not require technology integration to pilot. It has passed all legal and regulatory assessments with Gadens, our tier one law firm and is now accepting partners. For lenders, this is an opportunity to leverage an innovative product to profitably capture market share and meet ESG commitments, by giving a leg up to everyday Australians facing the rising cost of living pressures.

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