Purchase your home up to 10 years faster

Only need a 5% deposit

Same interest rate as a 20% deposit (no extra charges for a low deposit)

No need to pay lenders mortgage insurance

Purchase your home up to 10 years faster

You get

Just 5% deposit

Just 5% deposit

If you have a 5% deposit you can now buy your first home.

Access the best loans

Access the best loans

You can choose from Australia’s best range of home loans.

Top interest rates

Top interest rates

You don’t pay higher interest rates or have to pay lenders mortgage insurance.

Our Leg Up was created to solve two huge problems in the property market

  • By helping more people with low home deposits (5%) buy a home sooner.
  • By helping existing homeowners get an investment return on the part of their home they own.

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How much could you save?

Savings with Our Leg Up:


Your Savings With OLU


Your property:

  • Our Leg Up saves aspiring homeowners by lowering their interest rate and decreasing the amount of fees they need to pay
  • Wipe over 5 years off the time it takes to save and buy your home sooner

How It Works

How It Works

Initial enquiry

Tell us how much you’d like to borrow and when you plan to buy.


Understand options

We’ll research all the options and recommend the best ones for you.


Draft investment strategy

We’ll give you all the details you need about how much you can borrow so you can start looking at houses you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to have saved at least 5% of the property price to qualify.

We can help you assess whether you qualify for any government incentive schemes and better understand your home loan options. Some of these can be used with our home loans, while a few cannot. To find out based on your circumstance, schedule a chat with of our experts here.

No. This product is designed to help anyone looking to purchase a home.

Yes. We can arrange for a pre-approval so that you can confidently make an Offer on your new home.