Wed May 29 2024

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Equity Investment Invitation

Our Leg Up is delighted to invite you to join our priority access program to invest real estate equity, earning a return by supporting aspiring homeowners.

A portion of equity in your home or investment properties can now be used to guarantee the deposit of a diversified pool of new home buyers. Investors earn the market return on their existing property and an additional payment for the guarantee. With no need for your cash, our innovation allows for investment via secured guarantee, enhancing return on often inaccessible real estate equity.

With millions in equity interest already signed for our new investment product, we look forward to publicly launching in the next few months and generating returns for our investors. By signing this equity investment invitation, you will receive priority in our next facility, allowing your equity to be committed and earning returns sooner. This is important because the size of each facility is limited. Once you have accepted, we will finalize eligibility, secure your spot, and ensure preparation of formal documentation in due course.

Thanks for supporting our mission to diminish wealth inequality in Australia.


Michael Ragavan.

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Please indicate (a) your acceptance of this invitation by signing and dating where indicated below and returning to Our Leg Up. Please ensure you have reviewed the product summary and FAQ to understand this investment. For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Our Leg Up by emailing us directly at:

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Date: Wed May 29 2024