Turn your home equity into extra income

  • Our Leg Up puts your real estate equity to work, so you can generate 3%-4% p.a.* income from it

  • We use it as a force for good, supporting aspiring home owners to access housing

  • There's no need to refinance your property, buy an investment property, pay interest, or outlay cash

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Our Leg Up was created to solve two huge problems in the property market

We bring Australians together to help build each other’s financial security. We do this by:

  • Enabling people with low deposits (under 20%), to buy a home sooner;
  • Helping existing homeowners earn a passive income from their home, while living in it.

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How it works

How it works

Why should I invest?

No Capital Outlay

No Capital Outlay

We partner with banks as a trusted intermediary to allow homeowners to earn a return on real estate equity. No capital outlay or exchange required.

Recurring Returns

Recurring Returns

Earn additional income, paid into your nominated bank account monthly or quarterly for the life of your investment.

Social Impact

Social Impact

Help aspiring homeowners get onto the property ladder and build their financial wellbeing, while benefiting your own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate equity equals the difference between a property’s value and the total value of registered interest (e.g., mortgages, liens) secured against it.

An equity investment refers to an investment via secured guarantee against residential real estate. There is no cash outlay. Our innovative financial product makes this investment mechanism possible. As an investor you do not need to move cash out of your portfolio or compromise return on any underlying real estate asset. Instead, Our Leg Up (OLU) puts your equity to work and boosts your total return on real estate you own.

Equity investments are limited to 80% of the property value, less the total value of registered interest (e.g., mortgages, liens) secured against it. The property price is determined by a formal valuation conducted by qualified professional and arranged by OLU.